Getting Help

This tutorial is an early draft. It is likely that you will quickly be blocked by an incomplete section (like “XXX”) or a missing section. Don’t hesitate to complain, ask for help, and report issues!

Active Core Developers

While the CPython team has more than 100 core developers, some of them “left” the project and are no more active.

GitHub statistics on contributors can help to identify active contributors if you select a recent time window, like last 6 or 12 months.

Developers available to mentor new contributors:

  • Victor Stinner, lives in France, works for Red Hat, core dev since 2010. IRC nickname: vstinner on Libera.Chat. Timezone: France (Paris) local clock.
  • Zachary (Zach) Ware, living in the US (midwest), working as an independent consultant, core dev since 2013. IRC nickname: zware on Libera.Chat. Timezone: US/Central.

#python-dev channel

The IRC #python-dev channel of the Libera.Chat server.

Some nicknames:

  • vstinner: Victor Stinner (previously known as haypo)
  • zware: Zach Ware
  • matrixise: Stéphane Wirtel


Contributors are also encouraged to help other contributors since new comers are the most experienced in issues to start contributing for CPython :-)

  • Stéphane Wirtel, living in Belgium, working as an independent consultant, contributor since 2014. IRC nickname: matrixise on Libera.Chat. Timezone: Europe/Brussels.

Looking for help on a specific Python module

The Expert Index lists maintainers for the some but not all Python modules.

Articles and talks about Python development